The Problem
There is no greater threat to our community and country than the growing problem of substance abuse. Whether personally or socially, substance abuse affects each one of us. Maybe it’s the kid down the block who always seems to be in some sort of trouble. It could be the aunt who never fails to get into arguments during family gatherings. Or it could be the colleague at work who is always calling in sick. Then again, maybe it’s closer to home, It may be your spouse or a child’s addiction that you’ve grown to tolerate or deny. Or maybe it’s you. Whoever it is, no matter how far they’ve fallen, know this, help is real and it is available.

The Solution

Individuals seeking recovery often state that they are “sick and tired of being sick and tired”. They are scared, weary, traumatized and disgusted with themselves. It takes a huge amount of courage for a person seeking recovery to surrender their unmanageable lives and will, in hopes of restoration. The miracle of recovery is found in surrender to Christ. Promise land will help you rediscover your strength and reclaim your dignity by helping you find out who you are in Christ.

Recovery Homes

Our Recovery Homes provide safe and comfortable housing for those in need of discipleship to overcome life-controlling problems. We provide an in-patient setting that gives support, structure and biblical guidance through the 12-Steps. We have staff members that have been right where you are and mentors that know what it takes to find freedom through Christ. The recovery ministry is 32-weeks long, 8 months and can be modified up to 12 months if needed to meet any special requirements. There are no fees to apply or participate in our programs so Apply Today and find your freedom through Jesus Christ.

Community Service

We provide many services to our community. Our food pantry is open to the public on the first Wednesday of every month from 1-3pm at our 20 Church rd location. We provide donation based Handy-Man and Lawn Services as well as low cost merchandise assistance via our Thrift Store.
Yes, we do look different from other churches, because God directed us to remodel the exterior of our building using metal that was discarded and street signs that were in the garbage. The Lord wanted us to make a visible statement to the community. The statement is, that God will use the things others have given up on and thrown away to bring Him Glory.  

Our Vision is to reach the lost for Christ, meet the needs of our community and impact our world with Love, Truth, and Grace. If you have ever felt like you just don't belong or your tired of religion, we encourage you to stop by and find out what it means to be a part of a Real Church full of Real People serving the Real God.
Our vision is to reach the lost for Christ, meet the needs of our community and impact our world with Love, Truth, and Grace.

Mailing Address 20 Church Rd, Crawfordville FL 32327